Christmas Tunes? - EP

by Josh Zimmerman



Wait, these aren't Christmas songs?


Well, anyway, here's a few chiptune arrangements of traditional Jewish songs, made with Little Sound DJ.

The first track, "Dayenu," is a Passover song. The word "Dayenu" translates to "it would have been enough." The traditional lyrics are about how if God had only brought the Jews out of Egypt, or if he had only split the sea, or if he had only done some other equally impressive third thing, it would have been enough for the Jewish people.

"Hava Nagila" is a song of celebration. The original Hebrew lyrics translate to this:

Let's rejoice and be happy!
Let's sing and be happy!
Awake brothers, with a happy heart.

If you've ever watched a TV show in which a Bar Mitzvah happened, they probably played "Hava Nagila" during that scene.

The last song, "Ma'oz Tzur," is a Chanukkah song. In English, the lyrics of the song's first verse translate to this:

Rock of Ages, let our song,
Praise your saving power;
You amidst the raging foes,
Were our sheltering tower.
Furious, they assailed us, but your arm availed us.
And your word broke their sword, when our own strength failed us.

Pretty uplifting, huh?

I guess it's a bit unusual to make chiptune covers of traditional Jewish tunes... but hey, what's done is done! I hope you like them!


released December 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Josh Zimmerman Charlottesville, Virginia

I'm into all sorts of music, including folk, pop, rock, and electronic. I use various computer programs and Little Sound DJ on my Gameboy to make music. Apart from that, I also play mandolin, guitar, piano, and ukulele.

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